Sport climbing on natural rock

The possibilities to practice rock climbing on Curacao are growing fast. Blue Pinnacle Training and Consultancy actively supports the development of infrastructure for this activity. Furthermore, based on over 30 years of experience we offer rock climbing courses at various levels, beginning at basic (beginners) and all the way to expert level training through the Blue Pinnacle Rock Climbing Academy. We also offer a (semi-) instructor course, the ‘belay and rappelling coach’. These courses have the goal to enable participants to practice rock climbing independently and safely at their own level. The content of our rock climbing courses is based on safety standards that are common in Western Europe and the Netherlands.

Rock climbing encompasses a complex and diverse skillset. Apart from an adventurous outdoor pursuit it is also a means of personal growth and character building. Practitioners learn to deal with fear, perform under pressure and be self-confident; even outside the ‘comfort zone’.

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