Customized training services

Sometimes, training needs do not align fully to training courses in our portfolio. If the training needs are inside our area of expertise, customized training is a good solution. A prerequisite for setting up customized training is an intake to specify learning goals. We then prepare and conduct the training course, once or multiple times.

Examples of customized training:

  • To your organization: we have experience delivering training for internal auditors which has been customized to your own Quality or Information Security Management System.
  • ‘Specialization’-workshops: for one of our clients, we have trained experienced project managers using ‘gamification’ principles to support them in adopting ‘product based’ thinking.
  • Condensed training: using the contents of our stress management and awareness workshop, we have conducted 1 hour online webinars covering the essentials.
  • Combined training courses: the presentations skills training course can be combined with MS-PowerPoint training, resulting in an efficiency advantage for the client (money) and participants (time).

Apart from this, we support organizations to develop training for internal use. By internal use we mean: training delivered by trainers working for the client organization. We can use our experience to shape learning content to best accomplish the training goals, taking into account the environment, the target audience and the available time. Your trainers are enabled to deliver the training by participating in ‘train de trainer’ sessions. We can also support them during delivery.


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