Consultancy services

We deliver consultancy services in the areas of information security, application management, IT service management and business information management.


Information security

One of our specialties is to assist small and medium-sized organizations to get and maintain ISO 27001 certification. We can support organizations by fulfilling the roles of implementation consultant, project leader, auditor and/or information security officer. The vehicle of ISO 27001 certification is the Information Security Management System (ISMS). The ISMS can be built up from scratch, or using a pre-filled solutions. For a prefilled solution we recommend Instant27001.


Application management 

In application management, we focus on services enabling your client and users to optimize the benefits of using your application. Examples are the development and delivery of e-learning solutions and increasing the quality of user resources, such as working guides and manuals, using the Diataxis philosophy. For e-learning solutions, we collaborate with the platform A New Spring.


IT service management

This includes services such as introducing new / fortifying existing practices, reorganizing services and processes to increase value creation and strenghtening continuous improvement.

Business information management

This includes services such as increasing the maturity of the information management function, making visible her value in the interplay between user organization and ICT and striking the correct level of formality / collaboration when working with external ICT service providers.


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