Start your auditing journey with Blue Pinnacle Training and Consultancy

Blue Pinnacle offers the ‘ISO auditing essentials’ training course. This enables the participants to organize and conduct internal audits. The participants learn about the role of the auditor, the auditing process and supporting tools and techniques. The standards ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 are covered at high level. The content of this training course is based on ISO 19011, guidelines for auditing. It is 4 hours and can be delivered in Dutch or English.

This training is meant for individuals:

  • who are considering to become auditors; or who want to add auditing to their skillset;
  • who are (or will be) internal auditors in organizations with an ISO 9001 and/or ISO 27001 certification;
  • who are going to be auditees and want to understand what they should expect;
  • who are auditors in a non-ISO context and want to know the essentials of the ISO approach to organizing and conducting audits.

For organizations that are (or are going to be) accredited for ISO 9001 and/or ISO 27001, follow-up training is available. This training provides detailed information information about the standards and how to use them during audits. Participants also organize and conduct ‘mock’ audits. This training is based on the management system of the organization, using local procedures.

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